Business Relationship Rewards Money Market

Money management made easy.

Put your excess funds to work and reap the rewards. A Business Relationship Rewards Money Market offers all of the benefits of a traditional money market account, but a higher minimum balance and tiered premium interest rates mean higher yields for your company. Requires opening a Hancock Whitney checking account to take advantage of premium interest rates.

Easy access 

  • Minimum Daily Balance: $10,000
  • No monthly service charge for balances above $10,000
  • A $15 service charge applies if balances fall below $10,000


The more you save, the more you earn. Money Markets are ideal emergency funds or saving for unexpected expenses.

While you can write checks, withdraw money, and transfer funds, these accounts are generally restricted to only 6 transactions per month. Money markets are designed to be a savings vehicle not a transactional account.

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Federal regulations limit savings and money market accounts to six pre-authorized or electronic payments, withdrawals, or outgoing transfers per month. This includes account transfers or payments initiated by telephone, mobile banking and online banking, as well as automatic debits and transfers (such as automatic bill payments and overdraft protection services). See the Deposit Agreement or Truth in Savings Disclosure for more information.