Markets and Economic Update for February  

David Lundgren

February 7, 2018

Welcome to the Hancock and Whitney Bank Markets and Economic Update. The Investments team provides monthly updates as an informational resource for clients and individuals who are interested in hearing our perspectives on current economic issues.
Markets and Economic Update for February 
  • It has been a volatile six trading sessions. January was very positive, but the past few days have shown a turn. David Lundgren talks about one thing that we think isn’t necessarily a contributing factor…the economy.
  • What is the cause of the recent market decline? Greg Hodlewsky reviews recent market activity, dissects the current environment, and provides some insight regarding possibly how much and for how long the correction may last.
  • The bond market has also seen a fair amount of volatility and rates have jumped on the long end of the curve. Jeff Tanguis talks about the rate environment and how the bond market is affected by the stock market volatility.
  • Something that continues to loom over us is another government shutdown. Also, there is a pressing need to raise the federal debt ceiling.  Richard Chauvin discusses how the current budget solution is likely only short-term, what direction things are moving, and how this may affect the market. 
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