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Protect your financial future.

Whether you are focused on philanthropic goals, transferring a business or supporting future generations, our team of professionals is ready to steer you through the maze of tax regulations, investments, retirement, and estate planning.  Our goal is to provide  direction, tools and services you need to help you attain and retain financial security. To accomplish this goal, we use a unique combination of financial tools and investment strategies based around key life events such as retirement and business succession, to assist you with the accumulation, growth, management, preservation and transfer of your wealth.



Investment Management

Our investment team invests according to a proven and disciplined investment process. Our single goal is to produce long-term financial well being without exposing your capital to excessive risk. Careful thought and consideration go into each investment choice, allowing us to create a high-quality, diversified portfolio designed especially for you.


Retirement Planning

We believe in one simple fact regarding retirement planning — the better the planning, the better the retirement. We perform a comprehensive analysis of your retirement assets, employment benefits and Social Security, and then develop a plan to maximize and protect your wealth.


Trust & Estate Management

Our trust officers have a vast wealth of experience in constructing and administering trust instruments designed to clearly convey your financial wishes now and into the future.  This in-depth knowledge about the tactics and products available, including tax-sensitive strategies, enables our associates to create a plan that suits the individual needs of your family and other beneficiaries.  In all areas of legal and tax planning, we recommend that you consult with a legal and/or tax advisor.



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