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Foreign Currency Exchange

Traveling abroad? Arrive with local banknotes on-hand.  

When traveling internationally, it’s smart to carry local currency for any immediate expenses, especially in situations where credit cards are not accepted. Having cash on-hand to snag a bottle of water, catch a taxi, or get a bite to eat will make your travels far more pleasant. By purchasing foreign currency ahead of time, you can lock in a great rate, plan your budget and avoid costly hotel and airport exchange fees.

Many of our branches offer foreign currency exchange. Branches that don’t carry the foreign banknotes, can arrange to have your banknotes delivered to the branch within 24 to 48-hours.

When you return from your trip, we make it easy to sell back most unused paper currency.

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Credit Specialist: 1-504-586-7301
Foreign Currency Assistance: 1-800-538-7751

International Department:
701 Poydras Street, Suite 1400, New Orleans, LA 70139