Managing your workforce in the new normal.

We’re here to help your business manage its cash flow as you adapt to a remote work environment.

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Facing these common challenges in your remote work environment? If so, we can help.

Problem 1
Need timely, easy-to-understand financial information for your account?

Solution: Our Treasury Services offer mobile and online banking with access to daily balances, transactions, alerts, ACH and wire approvals and more. You can also sign up for a Sunrise Report, which is a quick, accurate snapshot of your account – emailed to you by 7:00 a. m. each morning.

Problem 2
Having trouble processing payments quickly with staff working remotely or fewer people in the office?

Solution: Our Treasury Services help you stay efficient with account receivables thanks to Lockbox for effective check processing, and Remote Deposit Capture, which allows you to scan and deposit checks received at your office.

Problem 3
Is it hard keeping up with the customers’ accelerated shift towards online payments?

Solution: Our Treasury Services can help you automate payments. QuickPay is a turnkey feature that allows you to accept electronic payments directly from your website. And Bill Pay Direct Post automatically processes and posts bill payment records into one standard electronic file, saving you the hassle of manually checking and listing each payment.

Problem 4
Do you need the efficiency and flexibility of electronic account payables options?

Solution: Our Treasury Services give you the ability to use ACH for same-day payments, as well as a service called VenPay to automate and manage your B2B payments for venders and partners. You can also add purchasing cards to allow key employees to make key purchases and more.

Problem 5
Worried about cybercriminals exploiting your remote workforce?

Solution: Our Treasury Services allow you to monitor and safeguard your accounts with features such as Check Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay, ACH Block, Universal Payment Identification Code, and Safewire. From preventing check fraud to reviewing incoming transactions to safeguarding wire transfers, we can add an extra layer of security—and even provide tips for educating your workforce on cybercrime.

Problem 6
Are you looking for more information to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting your remote workforce?

Solution: We’ve created an online hub with the latest cybersecurity tips. It’s full of useful information such as the five red flags of wire fraud: rush requests, email-only communication, the requestor (such as a CEO or executive) being out of the office, unusual requests/or transfer amounts, and inconsistencies in the sender’s email address or other details. So be cautious and verify with others whenever you’re suspicious of a request.

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