Manage your card accounts with new security features

Your card protection starts with purchase alerts that are sent in seconds via text or email to keep you aware of card activity. Customize your alerts so you only receive the notifications you need. With these virtually instant alerts, you have even more control over your card.


New Features Just Added:


Turn card on or off quickly Turn card on/off quickly
Easily disable or enable the use of your card as needed.


Block International TransactionsBlock International Transactions
If you’re not traveling abroad, turn off international transactions and any attempts to use your card overseas will be declined.


Block card not present transactionsBlock card not present transactions
With a few quick clicks, you can ensure any attempts to use the card online or without the card present are declined.


You can rest easy knowing your debit and credit card can be protected against non-authorized card use online and that card blocks won’t stop recurring bill payments (insurance, cell phones) or tokenized card payments such as ApplePay® and GooglePay™, which add an extra level of security to your card data. 

You’ll also be notified via text or email of any declines. If the transaction is valid, you can contact Visa® Purchase Alerts to remove the alert and allow the transaction to go through.

Additional Alerts Available:


  • Dollar Threshold Alert is sent when the card is used for a purchase over a set amount, i.e., if the threshold amount is set at $100, you’ll get an alert for any charge of $100 or more.

  • Card Not Present is sent when a purchase is made online, by telephone, or by mail order, and for scheduled automatic payments.
  • International Alert is sent when any transaction is made outside the country in which the Visa account was issued.

  • Decline Alert is sent when a transaction is declined.

  • Credit Alert allows clients to receive an alert when either a refund is processed by a merchant for returned goods or when a P2P payment is received (Zelle, Venmo, CashApp)

Enroll in or update your alerts now to be sure you're getting the best protection available.


Manage Purchase Alerts

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Actual time to receive a transaction alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within area. Message and data rates may apply. Some PIN-based debit transactions may be routed through non-Visa networks. Transactions routed through non-Visa networks will not trigger a purchase alert. For more information about Purchase Alerts, including any limitation and restrictions, go to

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