How does my available balance and authorization holds affect checks and ACH items posting to my business account?

The available balance in your account can be used to decide whether to return a check or other item for insufficient funds. For example, using the same example in one of the previous Q&A’s, assume a check that you had previously written for $40 that we are not obligated to pay posts to your account between the time when the $20 debit card transaction at the office supply store is authorized and when it is presented for payment. Even though we authorized the $20 debit card transaction, you may be assessed an overdraft fee because the check for $40 exceeds your available balance of $30 at the time the check is actually presented for payment and posts to your account. Further, when the $20 debit card transaction is presented for payment, assuming you do not make any other intervening deposits, the available balance in your account will not be sufficient to pay the $20 debit card transaction and you would be assessed an overdraft fee.