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How is Rapport different from my top-rated internet security services?

Firewalls, antivirus software and Rapport work in very different ways. Antivirus software stops threats by scanning your computer for suspicious files. A firewall makes your computer invisible to attackers. It also makes it harder for criminals to get data into and out of your machine. Rapport uses an entirely different technology. It can tell when you are accessing your Online Banking site, initiating transactions, submitting login information and reading bank statements. During that time, Rapport locks down the connection between your computer and the Bank. It ensures the authenticity of our site and prevents your information from going to counterfeit sites, immediately blocking unauthorized attempts to alter your transactions or otherwise steal your identity. Rapport's access control policies are set by the Bank. Banks that work with Trusteer build and maintain policies that define which information is sensitive and which operations on this information should be restricted. Unlike traditional security software, Rapport does not need to maintain a database of malicious software and websites and can therefore block new and "under the radar" threats which traditional software is not designed to detect. The Bank and Trusteer work hard to keep Rapport effective against financial crimes that are currently targeting online bankers.