How long does an Authorization Hold remain on my account?

If we authorize the transaction, we then place a hold on your account in the amount of the authorization request which immediately reduces your available balance (“Authorization Hold”). Until it posts to your account or otherwise expires as provided below, each Authorization Hold will remain in place. Therefore, funds subject to the hold will not be available to authorize other ATM or one-time debit card transactions and such transactions may be declined. Funds subject to the hold will not be released during nightly batch processing to pay other items presented for payment. Each Authorization Hold will reflect as a pending transaction on your account when viewing your account via mobile and online banking until the transaction posts to your account or otherwise expires. Outstanding Authorization Holds will generally expire after (a) three (3) business days or (b) the business day that the debit card or ATM transaction is presented for payment and is paid by us, whichever occurs first. Sometimes the amount of Authorization Hold differs from the final charge presented by a merchant for payment (e.g., the addition of a tip, gas station authorizations). If any of the information provided to us for the authorization does not match the information provided to us for the final charge presented by the merchant, (such as Debit Card number, merchant number, authorization key number or transaction amount), our computer system may not be able to match the authorization with the final charge, and the Authorization Hold may remain on your account for up to three (3) business days, even if the amount presented for payment has already posted to your account. This means that the amount of the Authorization Hold will further reduce your available balance until the hold expires. If you do not have a sufficient available balance to pay your other debit items, we may return or pay those items into overdraft, and we may assess fees. You agree to maintain sufficient funds in your account for such transactions and you agree that we will not be liable to you for wrongful dishonor of any check, debit card transaction, ATM card transaction, ACH, transfer, withdrawal or other debit item on your account that is not paid by us or is returned by us unpaid due to an Authorization Hold during the period of time the hold is in place, even if the authorized transaction has posted to your account.