Is my online communication with the bank secure?

Yes. The security of online activity with the Online Banking system is a top priority for us, and we've taken strong measures to ensure that your information remains safe and confidential. 128-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, and Trusteer's Rapport software are just a few ways we demonstrate our commitment to protecting your information. Read on to find out more. The first step is the use of a secure browser. Certain browsers and computers have the ability to communicate securely by scrambling information as it passes through the internet. This method of communication is called SSL, or Secure Socket Layer. We require the use of a secure browser (128-bit high encryption) before a connection with our transaction system can be made. After you reach us using the secure browser, we take steps to make sure your information remains secure and confidential. Your information passes through a "firewall," which is a computer especially designed to keep out unauthorized users. The information is scrambled again to ensure that it can only be read by authorized representatives of the bank. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy. The Online Banking system also offers increased security for your finances by allowing you to more closely monitor your accounts; you can check your balances and transactions as frequently as you wish; and you can also set alerts to let you know when your account reaches a certain balance.