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What if Rapport slows my computer down?

Several factors can affect your browser speed. If your browser is running slowly, here are some steps you can take to diagnose whether the problem is caused by Rapport: 1. Be sure your system has enough memory for Rapport. Click Start > Run and type msinfo32. Click OK. In the System Information page, choose System Summary. Available Physical Memory should be 100MB or more. If you have less than 100MB, uninstall Rapport, install more RAM and try again. 2. If you have enough memory, test Rapport's compatibility with your browser. Click Start > All Programs > Trusteer Rapport > Stop Rapport. If performance improves, Rapport could be conflicting with one of your browser's add-ons. Restart Rapport and temporarily disable add-ons, one by one, until you can identify which one is causing the problem. 3. Lastly, the issue may be related to one of Rapport's protection mechanisms. To disable some of Rapport's protection mechanisms, click Start > Programs > Trusteer Rapport > Rapport console. Click the arrow to move to Page 2. Click on Edit Policy under the Security Policy widget and insert the required characters. Change setting to "Never" for: Block unknown browser add-ons; Early browser protection; Block unauthorized modules in the browser; Block browser process alteration; and Block access to information inside the browser. Click Save, restart your browser and re-evaluate browser speed. Please note: Disabling Rapport's protection mechanisms makes your system less secure. If this procedure resolves your issue, re-enable the mechanisms one by one to identify and leave out the conflicting one only. Finally, please alert our support team of your issue so we can work to resolve it. NOTE: At this time, the following antivirus software packages are not compatible with Trusteer Rapport: PrevX SafeOnLine Comodo Internet Security or Firewall with Defense+ prior to version 3.13, when used with Firefox iAntiVirus on Mac OS X CA Internet Security Suite 2009 when used with Internet Explorer PC-Tools ThreatFire + Comodo Driver Verifier The following third-party software was tested with IBM Trusteer Rapport and is compatible: PC: Avast AVG Avira Bitdefender Bullguard Comodo EMET ESET F-Secure G-data Kaspersky Malwarebytes McAfee Microsoft Security Essential Norton/Symantec Panda TrendMicro VIPRE Webroot Windows Defender Zone Alarm Mac: Avira Bitdefender ESET Norton Sophos If you find any of the information above inaccurate, or if you suspect that one of your products has a conflict with Rapport, please click here to contact Support. The following free antivirus solution works well with Rapport http://windows.microsoft.com/mse. A full list of compatible products can be found here.