What is the bank's Posting Order of transactions on business accounts?

Posting refers to the nightly batch process during which each item posts to your account which either increases or decreases your available balance and ledger balance. In posting, we use the available balance in your account to determine whether you have sufficient funds to pay or return each item. Your available balance may be reduced by pending transactions before posting the transactions in the order described below. The "Available Balance and Ledger Balance" section of the 2023 Deposit Agreement Addendum explains the difference between your available balance and your ledger balance.

We post transactions to your available balance in a particular order. Generally, we post deposits and other credits received by us before the deposit cut-off time first, and then we post withdrawals and debits (such as checks and electronic debits) by categories and priorities within the category. The withdrawals are placed in categories defined by us based on the type of withdrawal. The following are examples of the types of withdrawals in the sequence in which the categories are posted:

  • Debits we are obligated to pay or, that we want to ensure are paid ahead of other debits (such as government reclamation);
  • Debits we are obligated to pay (such as ATM, debit card transactions and outgoing wires);
  • Cash withdrawals and certain electronic transfers (such as teller paid checks, sweep transfers);
  • Other electronic debits (such as ACH debits, recurring debit card transactions and Online Banking transfers);
  • Checks issued by you and certain internal debits;
  • Bank fees (such as wire transfer fees, service charges, overdraft fees, and stop payment fees, etc..)*
*The list above includes examples of withdrawals or debits from your account but does not include every type of withdrawal or debit that may be posted to your account.

The priorities of posting debits within the categories listed above are based on the type of withdrawal and whether the withdrawal contains a check or serial number or whether we can determine the date and time of the authorization or initiation of an electronic debit. For example, debits, such as checks that you issue, are posted in check number sequence and certain electronic debits are posted based on the date and time they are authorized or initiated. Also note, the date and time of authorization or initiation of an electronic debit we receive for processing may differ from the date and time they are authorized or initiated by you due to many factors outside of our control, including the merchant’s processes. If we cannot determine this information, we will generally post the debits each day in ascending order from the lowest amount to the highest amount. We reserve the right to change the categories, the posting order sequence, and the sequence of posting transactions within these categories at any time without notice to you.