What is the difference between my available balance and my ledger balance?

The available balance in your account is the ending balance on the previous banking day after we have posted transactions (ledger balance), plus or minus pending transactions (such as deposits, debit card transactions or ATM withdrawals that have not yet been posted to your account, and minus any holds that we have placed on your account.

Your ledger balance is the balance of funds in your account based solely on deposits and withdrawals posted during nightly batch processing. Your ledger balance does not include amounts subject to a hold. Both the available balance and ledger balance do not include (i) transactions that have not been presented for payment, such as checks that you have issued or debit card transactions that we have not authorized for the merchant or (ii) holds for debit card transactions that we authorized for a merchant but were released. 

Your available balance and your ledger balance may not be the same. Your ledger balance may be more than the amount of your available balance and may not be available for withdrawal or immediate use.

For example, the balance reflected on your account statement for any given date is your ledger balance on that date. Your ledger balance and your available balance may be the same when your accounts do not have any pending transactions or holds. You are responsible for keeping accurate records concerning transactions in your account. The terms "available collected balance" and "available account balance" shall have the same meaning as available balance. We use your available balance to determine whether to authorize transactions for payment. For example, assume that on Monday you have a ledger balance of $50 and an available balance of $50. If you were to use your debit card at a merchant on Tuesday to buy groceries for $20, then that merchant could ask us to immediately authorize payment. If we do so, then we will reduce your available balance by the amount authorized, which is $20. (And if we do so, please note that we are obligated to pay the merchant the $20 at the time the merchant actually presents us with that debit card transaction for payment, which could be several days later, even if your ledger balance and available balance are negative at that later time). Your ledger balance would still be $50 because this transaction has not yet posted to your account, but your available balance would be $30 because of the pending commitment to pay the merchant $20. When the merchant presents the transaction for payment, your ledger balance will be reduced by the amount of the posted transaction (in this example, $20) and both your ledger balance and available balance will be $30 (assuming no other intervening transactions occurred).