What is the Sustained Overdraft Fee on a small business account?

For each time your account remains overdrawn at least nine (9) calendar days, we will assess one Sustained Overdraft Fee of $36. Please note that we count as the first day of the nine consecutive calendar days the day on which we post the items which created the overdraft in your account, regardless of whether we have provided you with notice of the overdraft(s). We will not charge this fee if you pay us the total amount of the overdrawn balance on the ninth (9th) calendar day or the next banking day, if the 9th calendar day falls on a weekend or federal holiday that is not a banking day. We will also not charge this fee if the amount overdrawn only includes bank fees and/or service charges as described in the Service Charges and Fees section of the Deposit Agreement or as set forth in Business Services Information Disclosure Schedule of Fees.