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A More Rewarding Way To Pay

Points Plus Credit Card and Points Plus Business Credit Card from Hancock Whitney Bank

Make all your purchases more rewarding, in person and online, with a new Visa® Points Plus Credit Card or Visa® Points Plus Business Credit Card from Hancock Whitney Bank. 

Earn 1 point or 1% cash back for every $1 you spend on just about anything including,

  • Gas                                   
  • Dining
  • Groceries                        
  • Business expenses and equipment
  • Travel                               
  • Monthly bills
  • Shopping online            
  • and in stores

See below for details on eligible and non-eligible transactions.

Then, choose from hundreds of great rewards, including 1% cash back, gift cards, merchandise, travel and more.


Other features

  • Receive enhanced fraud protection with your card's embedded chip technology - Plus Visa's Zero Liability Policy1 covers you if the card is ever lost or stolen.
  • Use your card at millions of places around the corner, online and all over the world.
  • Track your purchases online so you can see them all itemized in one convenient place — whenever you want.
  • You’re covered with superior customer service Emergency Card Replacement and Emergency Cash Disbursement. Get a replacement Visa card sent to you quickly and easily — and/or receive emergency cash —24/7, anywhere in the world2.
  • Lost/Stolen Card Reporting. If your card is lost or stolen, we will replace it promptly and work with you to inform those who need to know2.
  • Cardholder Inquiry Service. Questions related to your card? Get fast 24-hour assistance by phone2.

Some features may vary based on personal or business card. 


Manage Your Points

Cardholders are able to view point history, including points earned and redeemed, online at rewards.hancockwhitney.com.


Eligible Transactions

What qualifies:

Signature based credit card transactions, net of any returns, credits or adjustments, qualify to earn points.  A signature transaction is one made at a VISA merchant location, including internet/mail order/phone order transactions.  

What doesn’t qualify:

- PIN-based transactions                              
- Cash advance transactions
- Gaming related purchases
- ATM transactions
- Cash access transactions
- Purchasing traveler checks, money orders or cashier’s checks
- Purchases that are initiated fraudulently or with a lost, stolen, counterfeit or cancelled card
- Account fees or finance charges


First Time Users

First time users will need to register for online access through rewards.hancockwhitney.com. Cardholders are also able to sign up to receive marketing messages and special offers via email.  Cardholders may also register by calling the Points Plus Customer Service Center at 1-888-331-1057 from 9am -9pm EST Monday through Friday, and from 9am – 8pm EST on Saturday and Sunday. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn points through Points Plus?

Cardholders earn one point for every dollar spent on eligible credit card transactions. Point balances are updated monthly and will be reflected within two business days following the last day of the billing cycle.

How do I enroll?

New accounts are automatically enrolled in Points Plus at account opening and will begin earning points from their very first eligible credit card transaction. However, in order to view your points or redeem them, you will need to go to rewards.hancockwhitney.com to register.

Do points expire?

No! As of July 2016, points do not expire on the Points Plus program.

Are there any earning caps or limitations on Points Plus?

No, you have unlimited point earning potential.

What kinds of rewards are offered in Points Plus?

While individual offerings may change from time to time, you can redeem your points for 1% cash back, top-brand name merchandise, travel, and gift cards. Check the website often to view any special offers. 

How do I redeem points for cash back?

Based on the points available, you choose the amount of cash back to redeem in $25 increments. With cash back, you have the option to redeem points for cash back as a statement credit, or a deposit into your Hancock Whitney checking account. Depending on the method, cash back rewards will be received within 10 business days.

Will the statement credit cash back reward replace or go towards a monthly payment?

If a statement credit is chosen; the cash back reward is a credit to the credit card account and does not count towards or replace a monthly payment. Minimum monthly payments should continue to be made to avoid any late fees or charges.

Are there any restrictions for airline ticket redemption?

We do not impose restrictions for booking airfare. Flights may be booked on airlines for available travel dates as long as the airline has seats available. The flights will need to be booked through rewards.hancockwhitney.com or by calling 1-888-331-1057. Please see our terms and conditions for additional details. 

Do I have to wait until I have enough available points to cover the cost of an airline ticket or hotel stay?

No, Points Plus Rewards allows you to use partial pay for airline ticket and hotel stay redemptions. This means a combination of rewards points and your credit card can be used for airline and hotel reward redemptions. You are able to choose how many or how few points you want to redeem whenever you are ready for a travel reward.

Can a Points Plus Business Rewards customer pool their Points Plus points with their Consumer Platinum Rewards account?  

We specifically designed the Points Plus for Business Credit Card to complement the Consumer Platinum Points Plus program.  Through a special request submitted to Credit Card Ops, we can move points earned on a Points Plus Business Credit Card account into a related household Points Plus Consumer Platinum Card account.

What about other family members’ cards?

When a credit card is enrolled, all other credit cards sharing the same primary account number are automatically enrolled and combined into one Points Plus rewards account. Once a card is enrolled, it cannot be used to enroll in another Points Plus rewards account.


Terms and Conditions

1Visa’s Zero Liability Policy covers U.S.-issued cards and does not apply to ATM transactions, certain commercial card transactions, or any transactions not processed by Visa. You must notify your financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use. For specific restrictions, limitations, and other details, please consult your issuer or visit www.visa.com/security.
2 For more information about Consumer Card features including lost or stolen card, Visa Liability Policy, Emergency Card Replacement and Emergency Cash Disbursement and Cardholder Inquiry Service, go to: https://usa.visa.com/support/consumer/card-benefits.html

For information about Business Card features including including lost or stolen card, Visa Liability Policy, Emergency Card Replacement and Emergency Cash Disbursement and Cardholder Inquiry Service, go to: https://usa.visa.com/support/small-business/card-benefits.html

All Hancock Whitney Visa® Cards are issued by Hancock Whitney Bank.

All loans subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply. Hancock Whitney Bank, Member FDIC.


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