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Markets and Economic Update for June

June 7, 2018
David Lundgren, CFA®
David Lundgren, CFA®
Welcome to the Markets and Economic Update, provided monthly by the Hancock Whitney Investments team as an informational resource for clients and individuals who are interested in hearing our perspectives on current economic issues.
Markets and Economic Update  
We are two thirds of the way through the second quarter and things appear to be looking good in the U.S. David Lundgren gives us an overview of the economy and what economists are predicting through the summer.
A few geopolitical events were prominent in recent financial market news. Richard Chauvin explains how political turmoil in Italy’s national election is affecting global markets. In addition, he discusses whether negative developments in trade discussions between the U.S. and trading partners, including China, the European Union, Canada and Mexico, are impacting the U.S. stock market.
The improving U.S. economy and strong employment have bond yields trending higher, the highest since 2011. Jeffery Tanguis recaps the month of May and talks about what to expect from the Federal Reserve and the bond markets for balance of 2018.
May was a great month in the stock market, especially for small cap funds. Greg Hodlewsky discusses that the troubles that were concerning the market in the first half of the year appear to be less of a concern in light of better economic reports.
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