The Dream of Financial Prosperity and How We Are Supporting Our Communities in Achieving It

January 12, 2024
Ashley Harrison
Ashley Harrison

As we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and reflect on his dream of a more equitable society, it is crucial to acknowledge the persistent challenges that the Black community faces, particularly in achieving financial wellness and building generational wealth. The racial wealth gap remains a stark reality, underscoring the need for concerted efforts to foster economic empowerment and uplift Black Americans across the country.


At Hancock Whitney, we recognize the importance of ensuring that all individuals, regardless of background, have access to the tools and resources needed to achieve financial prosperity and secure strong financial futures. That’s why we are committed to taking a proactive approach to creating opportunities for building wealth through affordable housing, financial education, small business growth, access to low-cost banking services, workforce development and neighborhood revitalization. We know that with our friends and neighbors, we can uplift our communities block by block for us all to thrive.


Homebuying assistance programs

Homeownership represents a crucial pillar of wealth accumulation, and access to stable, affordable housing is a vital component of strong communities. Our Plan Your Way Home homebuyer assistance program aims to make homeownership dreams a reality for all families. By providing financial support and guidance through the home buying process, access to HUD Approved Homebuyer Education and access to state and local mortgage assistance, we’re striving to increase homeownership rates within our communities and promote long-term financial stability.


The Dream of Financial Prosperity and How We Are Supporting Communities Achieving It


Support for small business

Moreover, we are keenly aware that small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. From economic growth and job creation to innovation and advancement, the Gulf South is powered by entrepreneurs. We believe it takes diversity of experience, ideals, and purpose to create a sustainable business ecosystem. Our Small Business Matters entrepreneurship program helps meet the needs of minority- and women-owned businesses who too often face challenges accessing the guidance and resources to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. By equipping small business owners with essential skills and knowledge, we aim to stimulate growth and promote the establishment of successful businesses throughout the Gulf South.


The Dream of Financial Prosperity and How We are Supporting Our Communities in Achieving It


Financial education and literacy

Financial education serves as a cornerstone of economic empowerment. Through our financial empowerment partnerships, we bring critical financial education directly to communities that need it most. By providing workshops, seminars, and educational resources, we aim to enhance financial literacy levels and empower individuals to make informed and sound financial decisions for themselves and their families.


The Dream of Financial Prosperity and How We are Supporting Our Communities in Achieving It


Career development partnerships

Additionally, our workforce development partnerships play a pivotal role in opening up opportunities for individuals to build professional skills and enhance career readiness. By fostering access to training and employment resources, we seek to empower members of the black community to achieve their career aspirations and secure stable, fulfilling employment opportunities.


The Dream of Financial Prosperity and How We are Supporting Our Communities in Achieving It


We understand that fostering lasting change requires a comprehensive and inclusive approach. We remain dedicated to our support for the black community and continuously exploring new avenues to bridge the wealth gap. Through our ongoing initiatives and collaborative efforts, we are committed to realizing Dr. King’s dream of a more just and equitable society, where every individual has the opportunity to achieve financial prosperity and build a brighter future.