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Make Payments Less of a Process.

Whether you operate over the counter or on the go, we have the simple solutions and advanced technology that can help businesses of all sizes grow. Streamline transactions and accounting while attracting new customers. Our merchant services solutions give you the tools to accept a variety of payments conveniently and securely.


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Clover® Mini

Clover® Mini

The next generation of payment terminals.

An all-in-one tablet-sized device, perfect if space is tight, offers the power to track inventory and handle many payment types, including chip cards. Plus, it comes with free apps like reporting tools that provide customer insights in simple, easy to understand formats. Sleek, flexible and easy to use.

 Clover® Station

Clover® Station

A whole new world of business management.

This solution provides cutting-edge technology and enhanced security features, plus a management system that can help you track inventory, manage employees and gain customer insights that will help you build lasting relationships. Perfect for small businesses, this system is people friendly and easy to use.

Mobile Solutions

Earn profits in the palm of your hand. Turn your phone or tablet into a cash register with mobile card swipers and business tools.

Clover® Go

Clover® Go

Accept payments wherever you go.

With Clover Go you can securely and reliably accept both credit and debit cards – including EMV® chip cards – right from your personal smartphone or tablet. Customize tip and tax rates, set permissions for employees, view transaction history and email or text receipts directly to customers. Plus, Clover Go gives you access to clear, intuitive reporting on sales activity, along with powerful insights to help your business grow.

 Clover® Mobile

Clover® Mobile

Built for business on the go.

Clover Mobile is a high-powered portable business system that’s intuitive and easy to use. Right out of the box, you’ll be able to accept more kinds of payments without additional equipment, manage inventory using the built-in barcode scanner and camera, and protect yourself and your customers from fraud with built-in security software. Because Clover Mobile runs on cloud-based software, your business information is always available on the device or from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Which Clover is right for your business?

Compare features to find out which is the right fit.



Clover Station

Clover Mini

Clover Mobile

Clover Go

Internet Connectivity

Ethernet & Wifi

Ethernet, Wifi

optional version with 3G

Wifi & 3G Merchant's existing cellular/data plan


Rear facing camera, bar code scanner peripheral Front facing camera, bar code scanner peripheral Trigger scanner  

Counter Top Space

Base plate dimensions:
11" x 7.5"
Base plate dimensions:
6" x 5.25"
Base plate dimensions:
7.75" x 4.75"
2.63" x 1.92" x .74"


Physically connected printer Embedded printer Optional mobile bluetooth printer Email or text

Payment Acceptance

Credit/Sig Debit, FD Gift, PIN Debit Credit/Sig Debit, FD Gift, PIN Debit Credit/Sig Debit, FD Gift, PIN Debit Credit/Signature Debit


with Mini or FD40 Integrated Integrated

NFC Functionality

with Mini or FD40 Integrated Integrated  


Fixed Location   Portable, not mobile  Fully portable and mobile Portable 

App Market Access

Apple Market
Google Play Market

Optional removable cash drawer

Manual Open  

Remote access

Online Solutions

Sell to anyone, anywhere. Our simple and secure online payment solutions mean you’re always open for business.

Ecommerce Technology

It pays to dream big.

Our eCommerce technology allows you to create a smart and simple online store that makes it easy for customers to shop from any device, anywhere with an Internet connection. It’s one of the simplest ways to accept payments and grow online sales, helping you reach customers from almost anywhere and from any device. From a secure merchant account to a built-in gateway, this eCommerce technology simply offers more to help you shake up today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Our eCommerce technology features:

  • Global sales reach
  • 70+ shopping cart options
  • More payment types than any other provider
  • Fast, reliable funding to improve your overall cash flow
  • Intuitive reporting
  • Real-time access to transaction information
  • The latest in data protection technology

Insights & Analytics

Clover Insight App

Explore a whole new side of your business. Included with your Clover purchase. 

The Clover Insight App  gives you access to all kinds of new information including weekly trends, weather trends, business and performance comparisons, as well as customer loyalty and product insights. Pair that with personalized recommendations and you’ll never run out of ideas for improving your business.

Our insight solution software can help you:

  • Understand where your customers live and shop
  • Determine where you might open your next location
  • See your customers’ spending patterns
  • Find profiles of your customers and segment by categories like new, repeat or local
  • Find out how your campaigns perform
  • Compare your sales data to see how consumers are spending at businesses like yours

More Available Services

Access One

  • Manage your merchant account quickly and easily with the AccessOne solution, our online, self-service account management tool.
  • AccessOne lets you view transaction processing information, voids/declines, chargebacks/retrievals and more with the ease of a few click.


Clover Rewards

  • Create your own customer loyalty rewards programs and turn occassional visitors into regulars
  • Connect directly through customers using their mobile devices
  • Track effectiveness of pragrams and which offers are the most popular


Clover Security

  • Safeguard your business against data breeches and cyber-crime
  • Protects payment card data the moment a card is enterted throughout the entire transaction process
  • Stay PCI compliant


And Hundreds of Apps

Access to hundreds of tools for your business, including specific categories based on your business type. Only pay for ones you need or use. 

  • Inventory management
  • Turn your POS system into a time clock and scheduling system
  • Integrate sales information into your accounting system
  • Set up your own online store
  • and much more

A complete list is available at the Clover App Market.

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