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Equipment Finance

Equipment financing is more than a transaction.

It is an end-to-end secured lending solution that takes you from prospecting and structuring, to credit support and asset management. Our equipment finance specialists are experts in the industry and are ready to design specific financing plans that take into consideration your seasonal needs, business cycles and other factors.

We’re ready to partner with your business on a wide variety of equipment leases including airplanes, truck/automobile fleets, furniture, office and medical equipment and more.

Business People with a Helicopter

Equipment Finance Agreements

We lend you the money to buy equipment.


True Lease

You may have lower, tax deductible payments when we purchase equipment on your behalf -- consult your tax advisor.


Municipal Lease & Equipment Finance

We lease equipment specifically to meet the budgets of state and local governments, including energy conservation equipment.


Fleet Financing

Private fleet and over the road transportation vehicles; TRAC leases.

Aircraft Financing

Corporate aircraft, fixed wing and rotor.


Maritime Financing

Loan and bareboat charter agreements to finance work boats of all types.


Technology Financing

Lease facilities structured to manage equipment obsolescence.


Capital Markets

Capability to access national and diverse sources of funding.

Equipment Finance Benefits

The benefits of equipment financing include:

  • Alternative solutions to capital preservation
  • No down payments
  • Cap-ex planning
  • Access to new markets
  • Flexibility
  • Keeping pace with the latest technology
  • Balance sheet considerations
  • Possible tax and financial accounting considerations, consult your tax advisor.

Is Equipment Financing right for your business?


Have a Banker Contact You

Hancock Whitney Equipment Finance, LLC and Hancock Whitney Equipment Financing and Leasing, LLC

All loans and leases subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply.