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Commercial Checking

Creating efficiencies for complex needs.

With increased volume, your deposit balances can now earn credits that may reduce or offset your banking fees. This is the ideal choice for businesses that need treasury services.

Features of Commercial Checking

No limits on transactions

You only pay for the transactions that you use.

Balances offset banking charges

Your deposit balances earn credits to reduce or eliminate the cost of banking services.

Grouped accounts maximize credits

Consolidate multiple account balances to take advantage of your relationship with us.

Sophisticated online banking capabilities

Treasury Manager is a robust commercial online banking system which allows you to access account data and reports, originate ACH transactions, wire transfers or account-to-account transfers. You can also view loan activity, make loan payments and draws from credit lines, and use mobile banking for approvals and alerts, as well as all of your commercial online banking needs.

Access to our suite of Treasury Services

Incorporate treasury management products to solve your issues with receivables, payments, deposits, and money management. Plus, we have a complete line of fraud prevention services to protect your commercial checking accounts.

More options

Ask your banker about Institutional Checking designed for institutions and nonprofits, and the IOLTA account for attorneys and law firms that maintain escrow funds for multiple clients.

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