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Our straightforward checking options allow you to bank when, where and how you want. You use it to pay bills, cover everyday expenses and maintain your lifestyle. Having a personal checking account is one of the best ways to keep your hard-earned money safe and easily accessible.

Access Checking

Access Checking gives you must-have features and tools that allow you the freedom to bank when, where, and how you want, all while receiving 5-star customer service. 
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Connect Checking

Connect Checking is more than just a checking account. Convenient banking channels, enhanced security features, and other added services help to provide you with peace of mind. 
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Priority Checking

Priority Checking is an interest-bearing account with access to convenient banking channels, enhanced security feature and other priority services for more sophisticated financial needs.
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Every account comes with great service & powerful tools

Our bankers are dedicated to providing helpful service across all our locations and via our call center.

Been turned down for a checking account? Our New Horizons Checking account can give you the power to build or repair your credit with no cost credit score tracking and educational tools. 
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This side-by-side comparison chart will help you sort through the details: 


Access Checking

Convenient checking with great must-have features.

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Connect Checking

Premium security benefits and added services.

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Priority Checking

Interest-bearing account to maximize your earnings. Check Rates

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Monthly Service Charge

$10 $12 $21

Minimum Daily Balance To Waive Service Charge




Service Charge Is Also Waived With

Direct Deposit of $250 or more; or for under age 24 or age 64 and over*

Certain relationship balances of $5,000 or more1

Certain relationship balances of $25,000 or more2

‭Convenient Mobile Wallet options

included included included

HW $5 Pass3 - No Overdraft or NSF Fees on Items $5 or Less

included included included

Free Online Bill Pay

included included included

Free External Account-To-Account Transfers

included included included

No Monthly Service Charge On Any Linked Silver Savings Account

  included included

Identity Theft Protection Including Credit File Monitoring**4

  included included

Premium Debit Card Benefits: Increased Daily Spending Limits and Cellular Telephone Protection5

  included included

Link Your Checking with the Priority Money Market to Earn Premium Rates with Qualifying Activity

  included included

Discounted Financial Center Services Including Safe Deposit Box And Money Orders

  included included

Sweep Excess Balances into a Priority Money Market account


Rebated Cash Withdrawal Fees at All U.S. ATMs


Free Wire Transfers


Elevated Call Priority


Free Annual Investments Analysis**




*Age requirement for the primary account owners provided there is a valid date of birth on file.

1The monthly service charge on this account is $12.00 and will be waived when you maintain one or more of the following: minimum daily collected balance of $1,500 or more or $5,000 in combined deposits (excluding CDs and IRAs) or consumer loans (excluding mortgages) or credit card balances. A Connect Checking account cannot be linked to any other Connect, Priority or Private Banking Checking account.

2The monthly service charge on this account is $21.00 and will be waived when you maintain one or more of the following:
A minimum daily collected balance of $10,000 or more, $25,000 in combined deposits (excluding CDs and IRAs) or consumer loans (excluding mortgages) or credit card balances or $250,000 or more in a Trust account or an account with Hancock Whitney Investment Services, Inc. * (excluding annuities). A Priority Checking account cannot be linked to any other Priority, Connect or Private Banking Checking account.

3 Items created by check, in-person withdrawals or other electronic means that overdraft (OD) an account or are drawn on nonsufficient funds (NSF) may be charged $36.00 per item. If you have opted into the payment of ATM and everyday debit card (POS) transactions into OD, we may assess OD or NSF fees on these items as well. We waive OD/NSF fees on the following: items $5 or less or end-of-day account balances overdrawn or that would have been overdrawn by $5 or less. We will also assess a $36.00 Sustained Overdraft fee each time your account remains overdrawn for at least nine (9) consecutive calendar days. This fee is separate from your OD/NSF Fees already assessed. We waive this fee in certain circumstances. See our Truth in Savings Disclosure and Deposit Agreement for more information. We pay overdrafts at our discretion and do not guarantee that we will always authorize payment of any transaction. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing. If your account is overdrawn, you must immediately bring it to a positive balance to avoid additional fees. Visit a financial center or for additional details on the Bank’s OD practices.

Service activation required

**Hancock Whitney Investment Services, Inc. is a registered broker/dealer, member FINRA/SIPC and an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Hancock Whitney Investment Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hancock Whitney Corporation.

Investment and Insurance Products:


 5Auto-pay your monthly cell phone bill with your Visa Debit Card and you'll qualify for up to $250 in coverage if your phone is ever stolen or damaged. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. See the Guide to Benefits for further details.