Financing Your Business


Grow your business with an experienced lender. 

We can help you structure the proper credit plan for your company. Whether it is for expansion initiatives, capital improvements, seasonal inventory or technology upgrades, we offer a number of commercial loan programs which can be tailored to your needs.



Revolving Lines of Credit

A business line of credit offers variable rates and flexible access to funds. Get the working capital you need to purchase inventory, cover seasonal expenses or solve short-term funding needs.


Term Loans

Predictable monthly payments and a fixed rate make term loans a good solution for long-term financing needs like equipment or vehicle purchases and building expansions. Terms will vary based on the financial condition of your company and the purpose of the loan.



Owner-occupied Real Estate Financing*

Forecast your real estate expenses with an extended fixed rate owner-occupied commercial real estate loan. A great opportunity to lock in your loan at today’s low rates with terms of up to 15 years. 




More Options

Payment Card Solutions ›

Purchasing and virtual cards are the ideal way to maintain a healthy balance sheet and support your employees. Whether you’re making every day purchases or travel arrangements, payment card solutions are a powerful complement to your business accounts.



Construction Loans

Similar to a line of credit, a construction loan is used to finance commercial construction projects. Draw funds as needed to pay contractors and suppliers, then when the building is completed, the loan is paid off with proceeds from permanent financing. Most construction loans are granted after permanent financing has already been arranged. 



Equipment Finance ›

Equipment financing is more than a transaction -- it is an end-to-end secured lending solution that takes you from prospecting and structuring, to credit support and asset management. We’re ready to partner with your business on a wide variety of equipment leases including airplanes, truck/automobile fleets, furniture, office and medical equipment and more.




Commercial Real Estate Loans

Our bankers have a strong track record of success with commercial real estate developers, corporations and individuals with an interest in making real estate investments. With each real estate financing opportunity, we strive to provide a committed source of capital that matches the funding objectives.


Letters of Credit

We also offer stand-by and import letters of credit at competitive rates. These letters of credit can be structured in a variety of ways to accommodate your business needs.


International Banking

* Rates and terms subject to change. Subject to annual relationship and financial statement review, as well as annual monitoring of certain covenants in loan agreement. Program not available for refinance of existing Whitney Bank or Hancock Bank loans. “Owner-occupied” applies if the business member or affiliate occupies not less than 51% of the usable, net rentable space. Loan subject to origination fees and prepayment penalty.