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Personal Loans

Get more financial flexibility, on your terms

We offer a variety of personal loans with competitive rates, flexible terms, and your choice of monthly due dates. 

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Personal Loans

Secured vs. Unsecured Personal Loan

By using personal assets like your car, CDs or savings as collateral, a secured loan may offer a lower interest rate and be easier to obtain. Ask your banker about your collateral options. If you have experienced credit challenges, a secured loan can help you reach your financial goals.

An unsecured loan is not associated with any collateral but may feature a slightly higher interest rate and carry certain credit requirements.

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Why would you take out a personal loan?

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Consolidating debt

Many credit cards charge a very high interest rate. With a personal loan, you could pay off your balances and save money in the long run.


Home improvements

Unlike many home renovation loans, personal loans don't require an appraisal. They're also a great way to quickly add value to your home.


Paying off medical bills

If you're facing a large hospital bill, a personal loan could be a better way to pay it off, especially compared to high-interest credit cards.


Buying a car

Instead of being tied to the terms offered by a dealership, or a specific car's price with a traditional auto loan, you can shop with more freedom.


Plan for your family's future

Planning a wedding? Get a new job that requires a move? Instead of depleting your savings, explore a personal loan with predictable monthly payments.


Unexpected expenses

Maybe your car needs a new transmission. Or maybe your basement flooded. A personal loan can get you funds when you most need it.

Did you know?

Save 0.50% off of certain loan interest rates with regular automatic payments from your Hancock Whitney Bank personal checking account. Certain restrictions and limitations will apply.

Preferred Lines of Credit

Preferred Lines of Credit offer financial flexibility and peace of mind.

Convenient access to cash without having to reapply

No collateral is required

No Annual Fee1

Link to your checking account for overdraft protection

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1Preferred Line of Credit rates are variable based on The Wall Street Journal U.S. Prime rate as designated in the "Money Rates" section of The Wall Street Journal plus a margin. Prime Rate was 8.50% as of 7/27/23. Rates can range from 12.50% to 16.50% and are based on your line amount and creditworthiness.