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Payment Solutions

Simplify and control your payables.

Our solutions enable you to shift from checks to more efficient payment methods.


ACH Origination

As an Automated Clearing House (ACH) originating bank, we can provide an efficient, low-cost solution to your funds transfer needs. ACH enables you to process electronic credits and debits based on prearranged agreements with your payees. Using ACH origination allows you to move your funds with speed & security; thus, streamlining your process for sending payments, often at a lower cost than other payment options.

Choose how to originate ACH transactions – in advance or same day. To take advantage of same day ACH (send or draw payment for settlement on the same day), you must enroll for ACH service. Same day ACH provides flexibility for late and emergency payrolls or enables you to make faster payments between trading partners. It also allows businesses to draw membership dues or recurring payments on the same day a client has authorized that payment.


The most common uses for ACH are direct deposit of payroll, vendor payments, and electronic tax payments.


Wire Transfers

Ideal for high-value or time-sensitive transactions, wire transfers are a secure way to transfer funds quickly and reliably. With domestic or International wire transfers, you control the timing of the transaction, making scheduling one-time transactions easy. Set up repetitive transfers, one-time payments or schedule wire transfers for a future date, all through Treasury Manager, our commercial online banking platform.


Payment Card Solutions

Purchasing and virtual cards are the ideal way to maintain a healthy balance sheet and support your employees. Whether you’re making every day purchases or travel arrangements, payment card solutions are a powerful complement to your business accounts. Our payment specialists take a consultative approach to tailor the right solution for your company’s needs. Improve your cash flow, securely manage spending and enjoy hard and soft savings with our Payment Card Solutions


Bill Pay Manager

Receive bills and initiate payments to individuals, vendors or suppliers through a single application. Setting up a new payee takes only minutes and all of the information is saved automatically, making recurring or future payments fast and convenient.

Our Treasury Service Specialists are ready to work with you.

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