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Overdraft Services

Business Standard Overdraft Services

What you need to know about our small business standard overdraft services. 


Running a business can be hectic, which means sometimes you can lose sight of how much money is in your checking account. If your balance drops below zero while taking care of business necessities, you may experience an overdraft. We offer options to better protect your finances and give you peace of mind.

Overdraft Protection Plans

Business Line of Credit

How It Works: The Business Line of Credit can be linked to a small business checking account to provide overdraft protection.

  • Transfer Amounts: Exact amount of overdraft up to the available line of credit.

  • Transfer Fees: None

  • Eligibility to Open Account: Normal credit criteria

Deposit Account Coverage

How It Works: If you have either a small business savings or another small business checking account with us, you can link either one to your small business checking account as overdraft protection.

  • Transfer Amounts: Exact amount of overdraft up to the available balance.

  • Transfer Fees: $10 per transfer; waived if you proactively make the transfer to cover a potential overdraft

  • Eligibility to Open Account: Minimum opening deposit may be required; other criteria may apply.

Overdraft Consideration

All Transaction Types (Checks, ACH, Bill Payments, ATM and Debit Card)

How It Works: We may, at our discretion, pay these NSF items into overdraft and assess an overdraft fee on each NSF item paid into overdraft.

If we decide not to pay your check, ACH or Bill Payment NSF item into overdraft, it will be returned for non-sufficient funds and will incur an NSF Fee. Returned NSF items can be represented for payment by merchants multiple times. They will incur multiple fees.

If we decide not to authorize and pay your ATM and Debit Card transaction(s) into overdraft, it will generally be declined and may not be paid into overdraft.

Overdraft/NSF Fee: $36 per item
Sustained Overdraft Fee1: $36

We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.  Even if we pay your NSF items into overdraft, we maintain the right not to do so at any other time. If we do not authorize and pay your transaction, it will generally be declined and may not be paid into overdraft. If your account is overdrawn, you must immediately bring it to a positive balance immediately.1

Still have questions?

Read our frequently asked questions for more information on overdraft protection services. Personal overdraft options are also available. Learn more or talk to a banker for more details. 

We're committed to partnering with you and we're here to talk you through your options.

1 For each time that your account remains overdrawn for at least nine (9) consecutive calendar days, you agree to pay one Sustained Overdraft Fee of $36.00. Please note  that we count as the first day of the nine consecutive calendar days, the day on which we post the items which create the overdraft in your account, regardless of whether we have provided you with notice of the overdraft(s). We will not charge this fee if you pay us the total amount of the overdrawn balance on the ninth (9th) calendar day or the next banking day, if the 9th calendar day falls on a weekend or federal holiday that is not a banking day. We will also not charge this fee if the amount overdrawn only includes bank fees and/or service charges as described in the Service Charges and Fees section of the Deposit Agreement or as set forth in the Business Services Information Disclosure Schedule of Fees.