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Financial Education

Why financial education matters?

We're passionate about helping people achieve the financial futures they deserve. 

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Why financial education matters:

  • Only 43% of parents describe themselves as "well-prepared" to have conversations with their children about money.

  • 47% of Americans would have difficulty coming up with $400 for an unexpected expense.


For Students:

One of the ways that we help students and families achieve their financial dream is by underwriting the financial education program, Financial Cents, and offering it at no cost to students, schools or taxpayers. Financial Cents for Students provides the knowledge and skills they need to make smart, confident financial decisions. Research proves that access to financial education during adolescence encourages positive financial behaviors later in life. It is an engaging, online program that uses video, animations and interactive activities to bring complex financial concepts to life. The courses empower elementary and high school students with information about how to make tough financial decisions about credit cards, financing higher education, and other important money matters.

Elementary & Middle

Responsible Money Choices
Making Plans with Money
Insurance & Safety
Income & Careers
Credit & Borrowing

High School

Banking and Savings
Consumer Protection
Credit Cards & Interest Rates
Credit Scores
Financing Higher Education
Renting vs. Owning
Taxes & Insurance

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“I truly thank the bank for visiting today and giving such great presentations. Your topics were very relevant to our studies and perfect for what the students are personally interested in”

- Student, Jefferson Parish School District, LA

For Adults

Credit card bills, debt and saving may not be top of mind for every adult, but the financial decisions made today will have a long-term impact on life. This short, interactive learning experience will prepare adults with the right skills to manage their financial future!

Financing Higher Education
Checking Accounts
Credit Cards
Credit Scores

Mobile Payments
Payday Loans
Identity Protection
Estate Planning
Retirement 101
Home Ownership

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