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Our Community Commitment

Guided by a promise to help our clients and communities grow and thrive, our visionary founders understood the need for a strong community partner. A partner that could provide resources through people, money, expertise and banking relationships to make our cities and towns better.

Our commitment to engage with our communities and measure success not only on balance sheets, but in the vibrancy of our neighborhoods, is why we are still standing strong and stable today.

A cornerstone of our identity, our community programs aim to enrich lives and lay the foundation to help our communities prosper.

Our 2022 Impact

+ associate volunteer hours
$ M+ total community contributions
$ M investment in community development
+ organizations supported with financial education
$ M in small business loans supporting economic growth

Giving and Volunteering

We’re more than a bank; we’re a community partner focused on giving back. Our promise of support—in dollars, time, and expertise—is no different now than when we first opened our doors over a century ago.

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Helping Communities Grow

Establishing and maintaining strong and vibrant communities doesn’t happen on its own. We see it as our privilege to support our tiny corners of the world, helping promote affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, community service and small business development.

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Reinvesting in Our Community

We understand and embrace the vision of the Community Reinvestment Act. We aim to guide all of our clients—including low and moderate income individuals—on their journey to reach their financial goals and are equally committed to strengthening the economic health of the communities that depend on us.

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Environmental, Social Responsibility, and Governance

Our core commitment to create opportunities for people and communities includes initiatives—big and small—to preserve our environment, expand social responsibility, and ingrain ethics essential to good governance.

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View our 2022 Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance Report.

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Caring for our clients and communities means being an active and dynamic partner and supporting outstanding organizations that enrich lives. Through sponsorships, we help organizations create, innovate, and improve the quality of life across the Gulf South for our clients, associates and neighbors.

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