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Home is Where the Heart Is: Building the Soul of Communities through Strong Partnerships

October 29, 2021
Tish Allen
Tish Allen

The sound of laughter filling a room, the smell of a home-cooked meal, and the comfort of family and friends all mean more when you call a home your own.

Homeownership has the power to transform lives and strengthen neighborhoods, proving to be a catalyst for changes both big and small. Here at Hancock Whitney, we strive to create lasting impacts in the communities we serve through a steadfast commitment to like-minded community partners whose goals are to help our friends and neighbors achieve the dream of homeownership. Our partners convey how we work together to build stronger, robust communities that we hope will last for generations.



We know that homeownership is vital to our communities growing and thriving. We live here, our children go to school here, and Hancock Whitney’s commitment to service is rooted in these neighborhoods.


Through our partnerships, some spanning decades, we work across the Gulf Coast to make the homeownership process easier by providing low-to-moderate income families with the resources and tools they need for long-term financial health and wellness. We work with our partners to be at the forefront of that future success, whether it’s a family moving into their first home or an individual at the very start of the home buying process.


The way we assist our clients and partners is rooted in four essential ideas to create meaningful and lasting relationships:


Education. Volunteerism. Grants. Financing.


These four pillars help ensure we support our community partners and provide a gateway to homeownership in areas lacking investment and growth. These principles help drive everything we do, guiding us in our daily endeavors to reach more families looking for opportunities at every turn. This service in action shines through in our programs and partnerships alike.


Our team is humbled and honored to uplift our community partners who dedicate themselves daily to helping others and join us in furthering our mission of helping people achieve their dreams.