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Savings Comparison

Find the right account to reach your goals

Liquidity and cashflow are essential to the health of your business. From traditional business savings accounts to money markets, our savings options offer a dedicated source of funds you can put to work for your business.


Preferred Money Market

The Preferred Money Market account is a business money market account that puts your money to work for you. You can earn a competitive premium interest rate so that your balance grows without you needing to shop around. The more you save, the more you earn1.

Commercial Money Market

The Commercial Money Market account offers competitive interest rates in a low-risk setting. The account helps you earn interest on a lower minimum daily balance and improve your cash flow as a safe and liquid investment alternative.

Business Savings

Your business needs a trusted partner to manage your savings. Our business savings account is designed for small business, helping you grow your savings while maintaining access to funds. Low balance requirements allow you to avoid monthly fees and start earning interest on any balance.

Certificate of Deposit

CDs help your business prepare for short-term and long-term goals with guaranteed fixed-rate returns. Available in a variety of term lengths, CDs are a risk-free investment option to help your money grow until you need it most. If you have excess funds that you don’t need to access for a specified length of time, you receive a higher rate.

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1Federal regulations limit savings and money market accounts to six pre-authorized or electronic payments, withdrawals, or outgoing transfers per month. This includes account transfers or payments initiated by telephone, mobile banking and online banking, as well as automatic debits and transfers (such as automatic bill payments and overdraft protection services).