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Treasury Management

Payment Card Solutions

Expense control and spending management—critical to the success of any business.


Purchasing and virtual cards are the ideal way to maintain a healthy balance sheet and support your employees. Whether you’re making every day purchases or travel arrangements, payment card solutions are a powerful complement to your business accounts.

As more purchases are made online, you also need a well-managed spending strategy. We have the resources and experience to help your money work harder and smarter to support your bottom line. Our payment specialists take a consultative approach to tailor the right solution for your company’s needs. Improve your cash flow, securely manage spending and enjoy hard and soft savings with Payment Card Solutions.

Payment Solutions

Our team of payment experts will design a solution that provides sophisticated expenditure tracking, convenient reporting, and secure management for your payment needs. Our flexible payment card programs allow you to make informed decisions and increase opportunities for savings across your entire business. Whatever your needs, we can provide a custom solution that works for you. Check out a complete list of our purchasing card benefits.

Online Card Management

Our secure web portal gives you full control over your company credit cards. Your employees need purchasing/payment cards for nearly everything – travel, procurement, payments – and we let you manage it all. Easily issue new cards and control individual spending limits. Monitor spending through an online and mobile-optimized dashboard to get real-time insights into employee transactions.

Virtual Card Solutions

Spend less time processing your B2B payments by taking advantage of accounts payable automation. We provide two solutions that reduce the need for manual payment of invoices, securely send payment details to your vendors, and require little to no system integration efforts. Our offerings include a credit card only solution, Payer Direct Hub®, as well as our single workflow solution, VenPay®, which allows you to consolidate card, ACH, and check payments into one process, enabling you to choose the solution that best aligns with your organization's needs.

Expense Management

Drive savings and enhance visibility with automated expense reporting and approvals. Expense management helps you define clear rules and processes to streamline reporting, leading to increased employee satisfaction and greater compliance.

Digital Wallet

Easily check out with your Purchasing Card and business card both in-store and in the mobile wallet right on your phone. Add your card to the Wallet app on your eligible Apple® Android or Samsung device to make purchases securely and conveniently.

How a Commercial Card Program Can Benefit Your Business

For years now, companies have been migrating from paper to electronic payments, looking to reduce costs, enhance financial control, reduce risk, increase cash flow, and create efficiencies. In addition to increasing their use of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, many businesses have been pursuing these goals — and improving their purchasing and accounts payable processes — by adopting commercial card programs.

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