This Memorial Day, remember the red, white and blue

John Hairston, May 25, 2017
America’s national colors mean something.
 This Memorial Day, remember the red, white and blue
Best displayed on our Nation’s flag, the white represents purity and innocence; the red, hardiness and valor. The blue stands for vigilance, perseverance, and justice. We salute and celebrate that patriotic palette—our national color wheel signifying our basic rights to be free and find happiness.
How often, though, do we really think about what the red-white-and-blue means for us as Americans?
When I see the blue field, bright stars, and broad stripes flying at our Hancock and Whitney locations on the days around Memorial Day, I feel intense pride, deep humility, rousing enthusiasm, and reserved respect.
I also feel sadness but reverence when I think about the countless people who have fought and died to keep our colors strong and bold for more than 240 years. I feel compassion for the families who spend lifetimes caring for those who return injured or grieving for the fallen. 
This Memorial Day, we remember all the lives lost defending us at home and abroad, people who paid the ultimate price to protect our colors. We also thank our veterans, reservists, and active duty Americans and their families for their bravery and sacrifices that allow us to live, do business, and raise our families the ways we believe.
Together, our red, white, and blue mean freedom. Those colors come with immense cost, commitment, and responsibility; but their values shine in our hearts and through the eyes of our children.
From our Hancock and Whitney team to you and the people important to you, we wish you a safe, happy, red-white-and-blue Memorial Day.