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6 tips for hiring employees at your small business

April 13, 2017
Tamela Seymour
Tamela Seymour
Hiring employees is one of the most important steps a growing business can take; a right or wrong decision could impact the future growth and success of your company. If you’ve never conducted a search or hired an employee, the process can seem a little daunting. Here are some tips to guide you in finding someone who’s the right fit for your company. 
6 tips for hiring employees at your small business

1.) Determine your staffing needs

Do you need help with a special project or do you need ongoing support? If you don’t need full-time help, consider hiring a temporary employee or outsourcing the position.

2.)  Create a job description

Write a clear and concise description of the position.  Start by considering what goals you want to accomplish for your business and how this position will help attain them. Clearly state the qualifications and requirements of the position, including any industry certifications, licenses, or degrees that may be required. Mention that you are an equal opportunity employer, and avoid language suggesting a preference for a particular gender, age, or race, such as ”looking for a young and energetic addition to the team.” Finally, nothing in the job description should construe an offer or guarantee of employment.

3.)  Define what’s unique about your company and the position

Sell your company and the position: what sets your company apart? Include some information about your company’s culture and values. Remember, it’s not all about pay – candidates are motivated by different things, such as schedule flexibility or other perks. Speaking of benefits and pay: it’s important to be competitive in your industry. How do the benefits, time off, retirement plans and salary of this position compare to your competitors? Web sites like Salary.com and Glassdoor can help you determine if the salary is competitive for skillset desired.

4.) Advertise the position

Getting the word out about your position is vital to attracting top talent.  You can post your job for free on web sites like Indeed.com, and it also makes sense to check trade associations and other industry specific web sites. Many are free for members or charge a minimal fee to post positions. Additionally, utilize your own network on social media such as Linked In or Facebook. Social media is cost effective and reaches a large audience. Finally, consider going where the candidates are: you can tap a diverse candidate pool at trade schools, colleges and universities, conferences, and seminars.
hiring the right candidate

5.) Interviewing

Before you begin interviewing, set realistic expectations about finding the right person: the process may take longer than you think. If your company is a federal contractor, ensure you are meeting the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) standards. In the absence of a human resources professional, it’s also a good idea to review all job descriptions, postings, application form, interview questions, offer letters and record keeping practices with an employment attorney to make sure you’re compliant with state and federal employment laws.
Limit your interview questions to those needed to evaluate an applicant’s job qualifications.  Once a hiring decision is made, extend an offer both verbally and in writing.
Should you conduct a background check of your new employee? The level of background is determined by the type of your business, any regulatory requirements, or level of risk. If you decide that a background check is needed, there are a number of companies that can assist in running background checks of prospective employees.

6.)  Welcome to the team!

Once you’ve hired your new associate, don’t forget to onboard! Welcome them by providing orientation and proper training to help with their transition to your company. Monitor their progress and keep the lines of communication open.
Adding team members to your growing company can be simultaneously exciting and challenging, but the ultimate reward is finding the right person who can help take your business to the next level. 
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