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A Message from the CEO - Saluting the Honor of Veterans Day 2022

November 11, 2022
John Hairston
John Hairston

Since our great United States came to be, people in America’s military have been the brave forces securing our freedoms. They serve and, with their loved ones, sacrifice to safeguard our land of liberty against entities seeking to undermine the democracy our forebears set forth almost 250 years ago. We honor them, and we thank them, although the gratitude we give may never seem enough for their incalculable contributions to keeping our country free.

Those who serve in our military branches embrace core values reflecting the fundamental principles at the heart of our Nation — honor, integrity, courage, commitment, respect, devotion, and service. Those ideals also echo the core values on which Hancock Whitney was founded more than 123 years ago: Honor & Integrity, Strength & Stability, Commitment to Service, Teamwork, and Personal Responsibility.


Each year, the Department of Veterans Affairs issues an official Veterans Day poster. This year’s poster portrays the 2022 Veterans Day theme of “Honor”—honor in answering the call to duty and in protecting America’s way of life and the Constitution.


That alignment with what we believe and who we are as a company — coupled with our inestimable esteem for veterans and active duty military — continually inspires us to salute the individuals whose devotion shields us and those we love from our enemies’ tyranny.

Originating in 1919 as Armistice Day to commemorate the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 when World War I essentially ended, Veterans Day eventually became the day to pay tribute to American veterans of all wars. A World War II veteran organized the first “National Veterans Day” parade in Birmingham, Alabama, on November 11, 1947.

On November 11, 2022, Americans will celebrate this year’s Veterans Day theme of “Honor” — honor in answering the call to duty and in protecting our way of life and the Constitution of the United States of America — at parades and ceremonies recognizing veterans’ service and sacrifices.

At 1:11 p.m. Central Standard Time, the Nation will observe a two-minute moment of silence to honor all American veterans throughout history, an observance signed into law in 2016 with the Veterans Day Moment of Silence Act.

This Veterans Day, as we think of, thank, and honor our veterans, we must remember, too, the challenges that many veterans face even years after transitioning from military to civilian life. Our support as individuals and communities is essential to honoring their service and ensuring all veterans remain active, engaged citizens in cities and towns their service helped keep safe.

Our Hancock Whitney family serves a region in which many military bases are formidable economic drivers essential to the vitality of countless communities. Many of our associates are military veterans. We’re extraordinarily proud and extremely humbled to pay homage to them and all who served, whether in wartime or peacetime.

We give thanks, too, to those who continue to wear the uniforms of America’s armed forces and their families. We pray they remain safe as they stand guard for our United States of America.