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Count blessings and give gladly

November 21, 2018
John Hairston
John Hairston

Thanksgiving. It’s a simple word that says so much about a special day first observed almost four centuries ago.

Across our great country, we offer reverent thanks for the good things granted to us. We gather with family and friends to celebrate with feasts and football. We tell stories, talk with loved ones far away, and remember others no longer here. It’s a day to pause, reflect, and relax; a day to think more about counting blessings and maybe a little less about counting calories.

Our associates give back
It’s also a day to give—to give gratitude and to give back. Giving back is more than a grocery sack of canned goods. True giving comes from within us, not always as grand, costly gifts but, sometimes, just small gestures with big impacts. Calling or visiting with someone alone or ill, inviting individuals or families facing difficulties to join us for a few hours of peace, or expressing heartfelt appreciation to people who make our lives better can mean so much.

At Hancock Whitney, we’re grateful for so much that makes us better: clients whose trust keeps us strong and allows us to grow; associates who carry on values at the core of our culture; communities who give us the privilege of helping our hometowns prosper; and the men and women who serve and sacrifice to keep us safe.

We also strive to give back, not only through contributions that create opportunities but also hands-on, roll-up-our-sleeves volunteerism to help foster hope. That commitment to community service has been central to our organization since we were founded.

This Thanksgiving, we hope you and the people important to you can celebrate countless blessings. We also hope you find ways to give back and pay forward to what means the most to you. To quote one of our early longtime presidents, “Kindness, courtesy, sympathy, sincerity, and service are the things that count among sensible people everywhere.”

From the hearts of our Hancock Whitney family to you and yours, may your Thanksgiving abound with all the good things you cherish and all the giving you can do.