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Hancock Whitney Founders Month: Financial education to build dreams

December 6, 2018
Shane Loper
Shane Loper

Helping people manage their hard-earned money to achieve well-deserved financial dreams is what we do at Hancock Whitney. We started that commitment more than 100 years ago. Today, we carry on that legacy through warm 5-star service at our financial centers and financial education in the communities we serve.

In fact, we’ve just wrapped up Hancock Whitney Founders Month, a special October focus on financial education for all ages. Founders Month is one way we honor the men and women who set forth our culture and core values while creating opportunities for people and communities.

It also supports our lifelong learning philosophy of financial education—providing people the right information at the right times in their lives to nurture their financial success.

Strong financial foundations

Our free, comprehensive online and in-person financial education program—Hancock Whitney Financial Cents—includes proprietary, FDIC, and state banking association curriculums. During Hancock Whitney Founders Month, nearly 150 associates volunteering with 300 financial education activities used Financial Cents components to teach time-tested money management strategies to almost 5,000 people from 75-plus organizations.

Whether saving pennies in their first piggy banks or planning ways to pass along assets, students and adults participating in Hancock Whitney Founders Month programs discovered financial cornerstones for building big dreams. Teachers liked the lessons because the content supports state curriculum. Kids enjoyed real-life examples from bankers who’ve been in the business and, often, in the same classrooms as students themselves. Adults gained more insights into making better financial choices for themselves and their families.

Financial education is important to us every day; but Hancock Whitney Founders Month gives us a concentrated time to share our expertise with all kinds of community groups. Schools, churches, business and civic clubs, Junior Achievement, chambers of commerce, rehabilitation and recovery agencies, and other organizations engage our associates to help young and old alike learn the value of good financials habits at every stage of life.

IMG_0027Check out our full gallery of Founders Month activities here. 


Learning never stops

Life changes, so knowledge helps us protect our financial security. Through Hancock Whitney Financial Cents, Founders Month, and other financial education efforts, we work year-round with countless community partners to help people better understand financial concepts that affect their lives and facilitate their dreams. We also strive to ensure content is current, relevant, and easy to access based on the different ways people learn best.

Watch early next year for a new digital Hancock Financial Cents for Adults at hancockwhitney.com, with playlists of 10-minute modules covering more than two dozen financial hot-topics—subjects such as budgeting, credits scores and reports, home-buying, identify protection, and financing higher education.

We thank our associates who led Hancock Whitney Founders Month financial education, the students and adults who took part in those programs, and our clients who continue to trust us to help make their financial dreams real.