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Hancock Whitney "Moves Dem Chains" for charity in 2018

August 22, 2018
Gary Lorio
Gary Lorio

For more than four decades, the late legendary PA announcer Jerry Romig made the phrase, “First down…Saints” an iconic expression that accompanied the most memorable moments inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. When he passed the microphone to his son Mark in 2014, the phrase continued to be a familiar homage to his dad’s excitement for the home team and a spark that ignites the crowd. In 2010, Hancock Whitney had the honor of sponsoring each Saints first down and added to the crowd excitement with the cheer to “Move Dem Chains!”

The excitement continues beyond the game this season as Hancock Whitney has selected 10 local charities to benefit from the Saints success on the field. Each of the 10 charities will receive the distinction as the “Move Dem Chains” beneficiary of the game for two games this season. For every first down the Saints earn, Hancock Whitney will donate $100. At the end of the season, all 10 charities will equally split the pot of money earned for first downs.


We are so proud to announce and honored to support our 10 beneficiaries for the 2018 season:

At Hancock Whitney, we know that for all of us to succeed, we must make sure we thrive together. For more than a century, our Commitment to Service has guided how we help those who depend on us. We are committed to serving the people who call our communities “home.” We’re excited to “Move Dem Chains” while moving toward building stronger communities together.

You can track the progress of the “Move Dem Chains” campaign at https://www.neworleanssaints.com/community/