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Honor & Integrity at the heart of opportunity

Robert Schneckenburger
November 17, 2017
When the Better Business Bureau of South Central Louisiana recently recognized us with the Douglas Manship, Sr., Torch Award for Ethics in Business, we were humbled to join an impressive list of distinguished present and past winners. We were also inspired with an accolade that affirms our commitment to the core values that form the cornerstone of our culture - Honor & Integrity, Strength & Stability, Commitment to Service, Teamwork, and Personal Responsibility.
 Honor & Integrity at the heart of opportunity
 Hancock and Whitney Bank leaders from Greater Baton Rouge recently accepted the Douglas Manship, Sr., Torch Award for Ethics and Business from the Better Business Bureau of South Central Louisiana. Pictured are (front row, from left) Retail Sales Leader Tiffany Miller, Retail Sales Leader Terri Dugas, Retail Operations Leader Tina Kaufman; (back row, from left) Regional Retail Manager Stephen David, Greater Baton Rouge Regional President Robert Schneckenburger, and Commercial Banking Group Manager Jerry Denicola.
Our founders built our bank with a blueprint of five timeless ideals. They created a business plan anchored in trust and designed to endure with honor. They also set forth the firm expectation that their successors carry on those founding principles. Since then, generations of dedicated associates have worked tirelessly to abide by the values those early bankers embraced.
Today, our core values remain the standards by which we help our clients and communities succeed and the benchmarks by which we measure our own success.
Our core values are independent and interdependent. Individually, each value conveys who we are and what we stand for as an organization. Collectively, they rely on and reinforce each other, much like the relationships that have helped our clients and communities prosper and our company grow. In both philosophy and practice, we believe Honor & Integrity should always lead the list.
With Honor & Integrity, we boost the vitality of our values by doing what’s right. We sustain our nationally rated Strength & Stability by meeting our obligations as a regional financial services leader. We create more opportunities by working hard to deliver a 5-Star Commitment to Service to people and places depending on us. We encourage Teamwork to make good things happen and Personal Responsibility to keep each of us accountable.
We thank the Better Business Bureau of South Louisiana for acknowledging our Honor & Integrity with the Manship Award, and we applaud our fellow 2017 recipients and past winners. The respect, passion, leadership, and character we saw spotlighted at the awards gala are certain to secure vibrant futures for the cities and towns we call home.