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Making an impact through your investment strategy

March 13, 2019
Tamara Wyre
Tamara Wyre

As the country celebrates National Women’s History Month in March, more and more investors – notably women – are making “impact investing” a priority.* This new trend finds investors seeking out companies that have the same principles as their own when it comes to workplace inclusion.

Making an impact through your investment strategy

At Hancock Whitney, we’ve noticed there has never been a better time to reprioritize the ways you invest and the companies in which you invest. That’s why we’re offering the Diversity Leaders Investment Strategy (DLIS) financial solution. DLIS offers our clients a way to diversify their portfolios and invest in strong companies that support gender and ethnic inclusion from the corporate level to their workforces and even their business practices.

Did you know that women control about 39 percent of the country’s investable assets? That’s about $11.2 trillion, with this number set to grow to $20 trillion by the year 2020. Even with that significant financial decision-making power, only 47 percent of women* have financial advisors. At Hancock Whitney, we want to help show female investors how they can make an impact with the companies they invest in, from both a social and financial standpoint. 

We believe in the performance of companies that use the talent and experience available to them. We support diversity and inclusion and believe it is a good business practice. This strategy allows investors to support their social goals alongside their financial goals, thereby connecting investors with their investment portfolio in a meaningful and personal way. That’s the premise behind the Hancock Whitney Diversity Leaders Investment Strategy. 

For a company to be included in DLIS is no small feat. Beyond diversity, equality and inclusion standards, Hancock Whitney rigorously examines the financials of the companies it selects for investment. Each must meet fundamental balance sheet, profitability, earnings growth and margin criteria to be eligible to make the final list of companies selected for investment with DLIS. 

Are you ready to align your financial objectives with your social priorities? At Hancock Whitney we offer an array of value, integrity and financial solutions that work to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Let’s talk today and start building a plan that works for you.


*Source: http://www.morganstanley.com/articles/power-of-purse/  


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