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Mobile banking for the C-suite: The benefits of anytime, anywhere access

January 10, 2017
Kerrie Duvernay
Kerrie Duvernay

Chief financial officers and business owners face a constant challenge: keeping up with day-to-day financial tasks while also serving their clients and running their companies. Our Treasury Solution Mobile banking app makes managing business finances more convenient than ever. Some of our clients shared how the mobile app has transformed their business.

Anytime, anywhere access

B&G Crane Service serves the construction industry across the Gulf Coast and the southeastern United States. Every week, Adrienne Moore, Division Controller for the New Orleans-based company, approves several wires plus a host of Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers, including direct deposit of payroll for about 300 employees. In the past, if she was out of the office, the transactions requiring her approval could be delayed. Additionally, Moore occasionally had to leave meetings and return to her office to authorize transactions.

The delays and inconvenience went away when Moore became one of the first to use our Treasury Solution Mobile app. By providing mobile access to the bank’s Treasury Solution online banking platform, the app has enabled her to authorize transactions from anywhere and at any time. She also uses the app on her mobile device to check the company’s bank balances and determine whether to draw down its revolving line of credit. “It’s made a huge difference,” she says. “Now I can check no matter where I am.”

The Treasury Solution Mobile app enables financial managers to monitor account balances, view limited transaction history, approve transactions, and receive bank alerts. The app works on both smartphone and tablet devices.

Enabling timely approvals

Bryan D’Agostino is a partner with Houston-based D’Agostino Companies, which provides land acquisition, development, construction, leasing, property management, and other real estate services. Before wire and payroll transactions can be completed, D’Agostino must provide a second approval. He also has to approve rent payments that are made electronically, to ensure funds are credited to the correct accounts.

Providing timely approvals was difficult when he worked remotely or traveled. That changed with the Treasury Solution mobile banking app. “I can approve the transactions and it keeps the flow of business moving,” D’Agostino says, adding that he also uses the app to view daily account balances.

D’Agostino Companies has been working with the bank for about 50 years. “We started using the treasury management system about 10 years ago,” he says. “I can see how the technology has progressed and become more user-friendly.”

Fast implementation, robust security

Implementing Treasury Solution Mobile can be done in as little as a day. Moore downloaded the app, talked with a representative from the bank about its use and security features, and was ready to go. “It was easy,” she says.

Several tools safeguard mobile transactions. For instance, users who approve transactions via the mobile app need a token or fob, a small authentication device that generates a code unique to each transaction. Users must input the code before the transaction can proceed.

The passwords that allow users to log into the system using the mobile app must be strong, changed regularly, and kept isolated from the passwords they use to access Treasury Solution online.

In addition, users receive an authentication code on their device when they log into Treasury Solution Mobile, which allows the system to disable any devices that are lost.

“The security measures are strong,” D’Agostino says. “That’s important, especially when you’re moving money around.”

Eliminating vendor checks

Moore anticipates using the mobile app to an even greater extent as B&G Crane Service converts its vendors to ACH payments. Over time, she’d like to eliminate many of the 100 to 150 vendor checks she signs each week. Having the ability to pay vendors through the app will streamline the process, she says.

We continue to invest in our mobile platform. Future Treasury Solution Mobile enhancements will enable clients to handle even more treasury and cash management functions — around the clock and from any location.

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