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Q3 Review: Fundamentals take a back seat to trade and political issues

October 30, 2019
David Lundgren, CFA®
David Lundgren, CFA®

Traditionally, economic fundamentals such as economic activity, corporate earnings, interest rates, and inflation are the medium to long-term drivers of stock prices. However, over the past 18 months and certainly within the third quarter of 2019, these fundamentals have taken a backseat to trade headlines and geopolitical issues — much more than have historically been the case. 


2019 Third Quarter Review

We invite you to download our complimentary whitepaper co-authored by myself and Paul Teten, CFA and Chief Investment Strategist, for an in-depth look at economy during Q3 2019. In the paper, we take a closer look at how economic fundamental and geopolitics have driven market volatility. 

Between traditional economic fundamentals and geopolitics, the economic environment is nothing if not uncertain. This can be unsettling to any investor but you are not alone. There are actions you can take to mitigate risks. If you would like to review your current plan with a financial specialist and discuss how best to position your portfolio for this environment, please contact us to schedule a personal consultation. We are here to help. 


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