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This Independence Day, Celebrate the Spirit that Keeps America Strong

June 30, 2016
John Hairston
John Hairston

Just over two hundred forty years ago, our country’s founders set forth a brand new American Nation anchored in five fundamental ideals: democracy, rights as privileges, liberty and freedom, the opportunity to improve our lives and equality and fairness. They sought to build a lasting institution on bedrock of integrity, stability and commitment.


 Celebrate the Spirit that Keeps America Strong


Every day we see and hear about attempts to break down those founding ideals; and every day, Americans’ strong, steady spirit prevails. We’re forever grateful to the brave men and women here and around the world who protect, defend and sacrifice to keep us free. We’re also indebted to the ordinary people who demonstrate extraordinary courage and resilience when crisis threatens or chaos happens. These everyday heroes remind us what it means to be an American.

Banking as a way to make financial transactions was around for many years before our founding fathers issued their Declaration. But, banking as a way to create opportunities and equality for all people is a profoundly American institution.

At Hancock Bank and Whitney Bank, it’s a privilege for us to help create opportunities for people and the communities we serve—our purpose for being in business for well more than a century and an obligation we take to heart. We’re proud and humbled to be part of a rich, vibrant tapestry of history, diversity and opportunity unlike like any other on earth—the United States of America.

From our financial services family to you, have a happy, safe Fourth of July celebrating America’s freedom and spending time with the people you care about most. 


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