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Valor and Core Values: A Heartfelt Thank You to Veterans

November 10, 2023
John Hairston
John Hairston

When we consider events around the world these days, we’re even more grateful to call the United States of America home. Despite our differences, our democracy preserves the basic liberties that allow us to live, raise families, do business, and think freely.


MOHALLHonoring the Brave. Congressional Medal of Honor recipients were among honorees at a recent National World War II Museum Road to Victory gala celebrating completion of the museum’s master plan. Museum exhibits honor the Greatest Generation who fought for freedom in WWII. Each November 11 on Veterans Day, Americans pay tribute to veterans of all wars for their courage, sacrifice, and service to keep the Nation free and strong.


At Hancock Whitney, we’re thankful to be an American institution serving people and communities across a thriving Southeast region. We’re also infinitely thankful for the active members and veterans of our country’s armed forces who have served and safeguarded our Nation.

In 1918, at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, an armistice essentially ended fighting in World War I in Western Europe. Over the next 53 years, the day evolved from Armistice Day honoring veterans of “the war to end all wars” (WWI) to Veterans Day, a U. S. public holiday observed annually on November 11, regardless of the day of the week, to offer tribute to American veterans of all wars.

On November 11 and every day of every month, we at Hancock Whitney remember and respect the extraordinary courage and sacrifice veterans and their loved ones have made in keeping America strong. The values our veterans fought for reflect the core values central to our organization and to people and the communities we serve — timeless ideals anchored in honor and service.

Without those who served our Nation in peacetime and wartime, our company would not have the freedom to carry on those core values in helping local people and businesses succeed.

Celebrate & Honor

For many of us, Veterans Day often provides a day off from work, a break from the weekly grind. Many communities commemorate veterans with parades, picnics, and programs.

On November 4, we at Hancock Whitney were both proud and humbled to help the National World War II Museum in New Orleans hail a milestone in the museum’s history: the opening of the Liberation Pavilion, the final permanent exhibit completing the museum’s master plan. We were honored to have 41 Congressional Medal of Honor awardees attend the event. An international attraction, the museum pays homage to the brave people who defended at home and abroad the fundamental principles at the heart of who we are as a country.

As we celebrate our veterans on November 11, our Hancock Whitney family hopes you and those you care about can take time to call or visit with veterans in your communities. Thank them for their service. Listen to the stories they choose to share. Learn from what they’ve seen and know. Honor them by carrying on their patriotism.

Profound Appreciation

This Veterans Day, we at Hancock Whitney extend our heartfelt appreciation to all veterans as well as active duty military personnel, including our many associates who are veterans or on active duty.

Without the valor, commitment, and sacrifice of all who served or now serve in America’s military, our republic would likely not be the strong land of the free we are today.