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Whitney White Linen Night: Support for the arts enriches our communities

August 9, 2017
Gary Lorio
Gary Lorio
Our company's commitment to service and enhancing the quality of life in our communities is exemplified by our ongoing support for one of the premiere philanthropic events of the summer in New Orleans: Whitney White Linen Night.
Whitney White Linen Night 2017
Supporting The Arts In Our Communities
Whitney Bank partners with the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) to produce Whitney White Linen Night to raise funds for the CAC's year-round programming in visual arts, performing arts and arts education. The highlight of the evening is the Julia Street Block Party, where dozens of art galleries and museums open their doors to patrons who can view and purchase works by the city’s most notable contemporary artists.
“White Linen” is a nod to New Orleans’ historic past in the days before air conditioning, when apparel made from the lightweight fabric from Ireland became the ubiquitous wardrobe choice of city dwellers during the hot summer months.
The Contemporary Arts Center was created in the 1970s by a passionate and dedicated group of local artists. Their vision was to create an artist-run, artist-driven community organization in the city’s burgeoning arts district. Through the years, the CAC has grown to meet the needs of a diverse and vibrant artist community. 
All forms of the arts – visual art, music, dance, theatre – are vital to the quality of life in our communities. Arts organizations are drivers of local economies; they provide jobs, enrich local merchants and drive tourism.
Whitney Bank is honored to have sponsored White Linen Night for the past 17 years, and is proud to support the CAC and the important role it plays in the cultural life of New Orleans.
Whitney White Linen Night 2017Whitney White Linen Night 2017