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Building Stronger Communities with Kids as a Catalyst

January 5, 2023
Tim Coop
Tim Coop

Strong, vibrant communities are no accident. They are the culmination of empowered residents, hopeful youth, and problem-solving partners that continually work to create brighter futures.


At Hancock Whitney, we know that progress begins with conversations, and by listening to people in the communities we serve to identify challenges and opportunities. Their feedback can inspire initiatives such as expanding access to affordable housing, encouraging community development, or fostering financial literacy, that build communities.


Playgrounds with a Purpose

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with residents and like-minded partners, we’re laying the foundation for stronger tomorrows. That’s why we’re partnering with KABOOM!, a national nonprofit that’s dedicated to ending play space inequity by building safe and fun playgrounds in underserved communities.


Hancock Whitney is working with KABOOM! to build playgrounds across the Gulf South corridor, and in the process is creating playful learning opportunities that teach children about financial health.


Recently, hundreds of Hancock Whitney associates, community partners, and local residents came together in Tampa, Florida for a three-day event to transform a dilapidated park into a safe, innovative new play space where children can play and learn.



Planning for the playground began in July 2022 during a community design session, where children and their parents shared their dreams for the space. The children’s design session also included a financial education component, challenging them to build a playground while staying within a budget.


The result is a unique and colorful play space that also contains math and financial literacy play elements that introduce children to basic financial concepts.



Committed to Serving People and Communities

Our Commitment to Service informs the work we do daily to help create and maintain communities where people want to live, work and play. Helping children achieve financial success by providing access to financial education lessons and hands-on instruction from our bankers is one of our highest priorities.


We’re proud to work with KABOOM! and community leaders to build safe play spaces that will promote physical, mental and financial health for kids of all ages. Whether it’s providing resources that create opportunities for people and communities, or helping young people develop the financial knowledge to achieve the futures they deserve, Hancock Whitney is dedicated to helping people in all walks of life build strong communities that foster positive futures.

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