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Celebrating financial education all year long

May 15, 2019
Robert Sims
Robert Sims

From kids saving pennies in piggy banks to adults looking to manage budgets better, everyone has a financial dream. At Hancock Whitney, we know that good financial knowledge and improving money smarts at any age can make a difference in achieving those dreams. We believe in lifelong learning, and our commitment to financial education is just another way to connect with and support our communities.  

Throughout April Hancock Whitney celebrated Hancock Whitney Financial Education Month, which coincides with National Financial Education Month. Through a combination of in-person and online Hancock Whitney Financial Cents curriculums, associates from Houston to Tampa shared money management know-how with audiences of all ages and at all stages of their financial journeys.

In April alone, our team facilitated lessons for more than 2,500 people through 30 different local organizations, including schools, civic groups, nonprofits, recovery and rehabilitation agencies, and organizations fostering community development in low-to-moderate-income neighborhoods.

Take a look at our associates in action: 

Financial education when you need it

In 2018 the Center for Financial Services Innovation revealed that more than 72 percent of Americans are struggling with some aspect of their financial lives. At Hancock Whitney, we believe that everyone wants to make smart financial decisions, which is why Hancock Whitney Financial Cents for Adults is available 24/7 at hancockwhitney.com/financial-education.

This free, easy-to-use online program allows users to learn at their own pace with personalized playlists on key financial concepts. With short lessons—no course is more than 10 minutes long—Hancock Whitney Financial Cents includes quizzes and peer insights to help adults enhance their financial understanding and confidence on topics such as investments, savings, taxes, checking accounts, credit cards and scores, mortgages and home ownership, estate planning, retirement, and other more.

To jumpstart your financial savvy, visit Hancock Whitney Financial Cents for Adults.