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First-Time Homebuyer Program Helps One Mom Purchase Her Family's First House

July 12, 2023
Tish Allen
Tish Allen

In  2023, Rian C. of Mobile, Alabama, accomplished a significant milestone as she proudly became a first-time homeowner. This achievement brought joy to Rian and her four children, offering them a space ​to create ​memorable moments​. Despite facing challenges such as unemployment​ and​ homelessness in her past, Rian's determination prevailed. ​

 "I was in disbelief that everything worked out in my favor," confessed Rian, thankful she surrounded herself with people with her best interest in mind. "I was living with my mom, and in my final semester of school, I had a new baby, was in and out of the hospital, and my grades started to fall." Rian's mother began encouraging her to start her homeownership journey, bur Rian wasn't certain of that path.

Upon graduation from nursing school and finding a stable job, Rian applied, and was approved to lease an apartment. Unfortunately, Rian and her kids, ages ranging from newborn to 10 years old, were never able to move into the apartment. However, Rian's mom knew there was something better out there for her. She insisted that Rian connect with Stephanie Johnson, a Community Lending Specialist at Hancock Whitney in Mobile. Rian hesitated for a few weeks until she trusted her mother's guidance once more. "My mom kept bringing it up, so I applied on faith," admitted Rian.


First-Time Homebuyer Program Helps Young Mom Purchase Her Family's First Home


When Rian, an Alabama native, met Johnson, who introduced her to the Plan Your Way Home process available through Hancock Whitney, and informed her about other opportunities for healthcare workers, she felt confident to continue the process. "This entire experience seemed like a beautiful dream," expressed Rian.

Rian submitted an offer on a house that her kids immediately claimed as their own when visiting, but the decision "didn't feel real." Although hopeful, Rian explained that while her kids played in the backyard on the swings at the showing, she "felt nothing." Expecting the process to be more difficult, she trusted she was in good hands.

"I am thankful to God and those he put in my path during this journey," said Rian, happy that, even when she had doubts, the Hancock Whitney team was amazing to her and her family. Rian noted that the process was smooth and that the little setbacks that came her way were always resolved quickly and easily.

Growing up in a military family that moved frequently, Rian wanted her children to have a stable living situation and hear her kids say in the future, "Wow, I was here when I was one, two, three years old; my mom did it!"

"My children knew that was going to be their home," said the mom, "so I'm thankful to the people in my corner for not giving up on me." Rian is now happy she doesn't have to worry about finding a place to raise her children and is grateful to the staff in the mortgage department at Hancock Whitney, her realtor, and the City of Mobile.

Today, Rian feels proud for achieving what seemed impossible. While many people didn't believe in her, she accomplished all her life goals. Rian loves her neighborhood, including the rooster that wakes her up early. "It is the best feeling!" said Rian with a big smile.