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Founders Month: A time to honor our history and prepare for a bright future

October 5, 2020
Shane Loper
Shane Loper

In the late 1800s, our forward-thinking, community-minded founders established a bank dedicated to serving growing Gulf South regions and helping people achieve their financial goals and dreams. Guided by the Honor & Integrity, Strength & Stability, Commitment to Service, Teamwork and Personal Responsibility at the heart of who we are since our first day in business, those early Hancock Whitney bankers always focused on ways to help make life better in the places we called home.

Now more than 120 years later, we celebrate Founders Month each October, paying homage to our history and setting the stage for a bright future for the people and communities depending on us. We focus on our lifelong-learning philosophy of financial education to empower people of all ages from every background and at every stage of life to take charge of their own financial health.

As we recognize the uncertainty in today’s world, we at Hancock Whitney reaffirm our commitment to offering our clients and communities not just the products and services they need to prosper, but also the tools, resources, and know-how to strengthen their financial futures. Now more than ever, we believe helping people build on the financial knowledge they already have is not just essential to moving our economy forward, it’s the right thing to do to help individuals and families move forward.

Tablet -- banker and millenial -- in branch

We also believe it’s our obligation to prepare the next generation for the economy they’ll inherit. That starts with introducing basic financial concepts during formative years. Each year, our bankers spend countless hours in classrooms (and now, virtual classrooms) teaching lessons, answering questions and openly talking about financial topics relevant to students’ lives now and as they grow.

We also know that children aren’t the only ones looking to enhance their financial knowledge. Adults in all life phases can benefit from learning new concepts, reinforcing the basics and diving deeper into more complex financial matters. While there may be an assumption that adults should already know everything about finances, we encourage everyone, including our own associates, to refresh and expand what they know using free resources such as Hancock Whitney Financial Cents for Adults.

We’re proud to support educational initiatives that can help create opportunities for all people. By supporting the need for financial education in our schools and communities, we’re keeping our founders’ vision clear and bright, fulfilling our mission and carrying on our legacy of helping people and communities succeed.