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Monitor your cards for added security with Visa Purchase Alerts

April 4, 2017
Eric Rietschel
Eric Rietschel
Tracking your debit and credit card activity with Visa® Purchase Alerts1 is a great way to stay on your budget, but did you know that purchase alerts can also provide an added layer of security and help you detect fraudulent activity?
Monitor your purchases for added security with Visa Purchase Alerts 
Monitor your purchases and detect fraud quickly
I was recently reminded that all of us are vulnerable to fraud, including bankers. A couple of weeks ago on the way back from a meeting, I received a text alert notifying me that a large purchase had occurred on one of my cards at a merchant I don’t frequent. I knew I had not made that purchase and a quick conversation with my wife confirmed that our card had definitely been used fraudulently. I quickly notified the bank about the fraud and my card was shut down just minutes before the perpetrator attempted a similar transaction at another store. 
This is just one example of how our free alerts service was able to catch fraud immediately2, but this experience hasn’t been limited to just me. A growing number of clients have provided great feedback about the enhanced security of our alerts program and how it has protected their accounts. Instead of days or weeks later when they checked their account statement, they were able to stop the criminal enterprise in its tracks. It's one small and powerful step forward in the ongoing battle against cyber crime. I strongly encourage everyone to ask their bank or credit card provider about how they can sign up their cards for similar alerts.
Customize your alerts
At Hancock Whitney Bank, you can choose to receive alerts when your cards are used for purchases over a specified amount, for online or phone purchases and purchases made outside the United States. And, you can choose your purchase amount threshold, for example, setting it to only receive alerts for purchases over $100. 
Select the delivery options that best meet your needs whether through text messages, emails or both. For extra security, each alert contains important information, including the purchase amount, merchant name and location, and the last four digits of the card that was used.
Get Started
 Registering for this free service is easy:
  • Visit the Visa Purchase Alerts web site
  • Enter the first 9 digits of your Hancock Whitney credit or debit card and create an account
  • Register your other Hancock Whitney Consumer, Small Business, or Purchasing card accounts
  • Select your delivery option and the alerts that you want to receive; you can adjust these alerts at any time. We’re here to help: just call 1-800-448-8812 to speak with a customer service representative if you need any assistance.
Keep up with your daily purchases and receive added peace of mind by signing up for Visa Purchase Alerts today.
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1 Some Pin-based debit transactions may be routed through non-Visa networks. Transactions routed through a non-Visa network will not trigger a purchase alert.
2 Actual time to receive Visa Purchase Alerts is dependent on when the merchant submits the charge, wireless service, and coverage within area. Alerts service may not be available in all areas. Message and data rates may apply. Gasoline alerts may not include purchase amount. Account activity qualifying for Alert service may vary by issuer. A limit of ten cards can be registered per Visa Purchase Alerts account.  Additional restrictions apply.
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