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Say Goodbye to Non-Sufficient Funds Fees

June 27, 2023
John Woolley
John Woolley

We heard you say fewer fees, and we listened!  We’ve eliminated non-sufficient funds fees for all Hancock Whitney personal checking, savings and money market accounts. And that’s just one of the updates we’ve made to help our clients save money and manage their finances.


Say Goodbye to Non-Sufficient Funds Fees


Tell me more!

When you make a transaction from your personal checking account but don’t have enough money in the account to cover it, that’s called a non-sufficient funds (NSF) transaction. If a NSF item is returnable — like a check or an ACH (for example, an electronic check, or an online payment) — we may decline to pay it. In the past, we may have charged a $36 NSF fee. Now, there’s no fee for returned NSF items like this involving personal checking, savings and money market accounts.

It’s important to understand that the decision to pay or return NSF items is made at the bank’s discretion. If we decide to pay your NSF item(s) into overdraft, we may charge you an overdraft fee of $36 for each item contributing to the overdrawn balance, up to a daily limit of five charges. We won’t charge you on individual transactions of overdrawn items of $5 or less.


What else is changing?

We’re also pleased to let you know about three other changes we’ve made for personal checking accounts that may help you save money:

  • We’re eliminating the $36 sustained overdraft fee that was charged when a checking account remained overdrawn for nine consecutive calendar days.
  • We’re eliminating the $10 deposit overdraft protection transfer fee that was charged when funds were automatically transferred from a linked account to cover an overdraft. This applies for clients who have set up overdraft protection on their personal checking from another personal checking, savings or money market account. (Note that the fee still applies for HandyLine transfers.)
  • We’re giving you a $10 balance cushion before an overdraft fee is assessed — up from the previous $5. So, if the available balance in your account, after nightly batch processing, is overdrawn by $10 or less, we won’t assess overdraft fees on the transactions causing the account to be overdrawn.

These changes, like removing the NSF fee, apply to all Hancock Whitney personal checking, savings and money market accounts. And there’s no action required — the improvements are automatically active for all of our personal accounts. (No changes are being made to these fees for small business and commercial checking accounts.)


More solutions for you.

As always, you can take advantage of many other solutions at Hancock Whitney to help you manage your finances, from online banking and mobile banking, to automatic bill pay and our new Early Pay feature, which lets you access your paycheck up to two days early when you have direct deposit.

If you have questions about these changes or want to explore financial solutions, you can learn more online, visit your local financial center or call 1-800-448-8812.


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