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Access to daily banking capabilities supports business continuity

May 27, 2020
Jerry Brodnax
Jerry Brodnax

Remote access to banking transactions and information is as important for everyday efficiency as it is  for business continuity in times of crisis. Hancock Whitney has valuable tools for accessing banking information electronically as well as various transaction capabilities. Here are some solutions to consider:


Treasury Solution via Mobile and Tablet

How do you conduct everyday treasury business when a disaster occurs and you and your staff can no longer operate from the office?


The answer, as many Hancock Whitney clients discovered following the onset of the global pandemic, is by accessing the bank’s Treasury Solution commercial online banking system using a mobile phone or tablet.


Using convenient apps for iPhone®, iPad® and Android® phones, you can manage accounts from home or on the go. Our streamlined mobile view gives you instant access to current-day account balances and approvals for wires and ACH payments.


Hancock Whitney, like most banks, requires dual authorization when you initiate wires and ACH transactions. Mobile and tablet access to Treasury Solution allows the secondary authorizer to approve those payments from home or any location, without logging into a computer, ensuring time-sensitive payroll and trade payments don’t experience delays.


Users can customize mobile and tablet access to receive bank announcements and client alerts. For instance, you can receive an alert whenever there is a wire or ACH payment ready for review and approval, or when there is an ACH profile change.


Access to daily banking capabilities supports business continuity


Sunrise Report

The Sunrise Report is another everyday time-saving service that better enables an employee to operate efficiently from home when necessary. With this report, you receive a complete snapshot of your accounts automatically by email each business day by 7 a.m. There’s no logging in or running reports — the report is just there for you when you’re ready to start your day.

Learning from the Pandemic

One lesson the coronavirus pandemic has reinforced is that there are threats to business continuity beyond weather events. Many types of disruptive events, in addition to hurricanes and flooding, can temporarily bar the door to our workplaces. In other words, you never know when you and your staff will need to be able to work effectively from home or a remote location.


As part of your business continuity planning, talk to your Hancock Whitney banker or Treasury Services Specialist at 1-866-594-2304 to learn more about how our digital access solutions can help.